Erica Wong Ping Lun is a composer with a passion to tell stories through her music. Her fascination with storytelling has led her to compose mainly to moving picture, but she also enjoys the freedom of recounting stories without accompanying images through concert repertoire.

Erica’s compositions have been showcased in various films, animations, documentaries, video games, and a podcast. She has also worked as an additional orchestrator for the feature film Meri Nimmo and has had some of her orchestral arrangements performed in concert.

An audio chameleon, Erica’s involvement in multimedia projects extends not only to music composition but also to MIDI transcription, part preparation, audio editing, and sound design. Furthermore, she continues to actively maintain her performance skills on flute and piccolo.

Recently, Erica was selected to participate in the Screen Composers Guild of Canada’s apprentice-mentorship program, where she worked with Jeff Johnston on the feature documentary Luben and Elena. She holds a Master of Arts in Composition of Music for Film and Television from the University of Bristol and a Bachelor of Music from McGill University. Throughout her university years, she was fortunate to study with William Goodchild, Martin Kizsko, Michael Ellison, Jonathan Scott, Jean Hasse, Félix Baril, and Cindy Shuter.