Video Game

It is always great fun to captivate gamers and bring them into another world with music and sound. Here are some selected tracks written for this medium.

Ate Bits of Happiness (2016)

Ate Bits of Happiness was composed as a commission requesting happy and energetic chip tune (8-bit) music. It was lots of fun to listen to its inspirations, Megaman 2 and Super Mario Brothers, and to then create this piece.

The Great Awakening (2016)

This game was created as part of the Global Game Jam challenge in 2016, in which teams are given 48 hours to create a new game based off of a theme. For this game, I contributed a soundtrack, sound effects, and some voice over.

The Toy Box (2015)

The Toy Box is a video game created by a team of students at the University of Bristol. I was part of a group of composers who created the soundtrack for this interactive game.