Concert Music

When I am not composing for media, I enjoy creating music intended for the concert setting. With these pieces, the listener can be taken to different settings and stories without any visual prompts that would be there in media projects.

Grand Philharmonic Orchestra (2016)

I arrranged and orchestrated pieces for the Grand Philharmonic Orchestra to perform in concert. Other parts of this fun gig included part and conductor score preparation, and part copying, transcribing, and engraving.

Alchemy (2015)

Alchemy is an exciting piece for solo tenor horn. Special thanks to Laureen Hodge for recording this piece with me.

Dance of the Night Sprite (2014)

Dance of the Night Sprite is a piece for solo flute that I recorded. It tells the story of a tiny, mystical sprite’s night out.

Gnossienne 7: The Uncovered Missing Gnossienne (2014)

This piece for solo piano was inspired by and written in the same style as Erik Satie’s six Gnossienne pieces, particularly Gnossienne 3.