Storytelling through music is one of my greatest passions. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with other creators to best serve their story. Here are some selected films that I have worked on.

Le Son au bout des pattes (2022)

Directors: Marie-Andrée Boivin & Vicky Blouin
Genre: Documentary
Role: Additional music, sound designer, dialogue editor

Racial Idiocracy (2022)

Director: John Salcedo
Genre: Period drama
Role: Co-composer (main theme song), additional music, sound designer, dialogue editor

Fleurs de printemps (2022)

Director: Mya Roy-Royer
Genre: Animation
Role: Composer
Screening: Festival Fantasia 2022
Awards: Bourse du meilleur film d’animation 2022 au Gala des finissant(e)s Cégep du Vieux-Montréal

Deception (2022)

Director: Sophie Mullen
Genre: Animation
Role: Composer, sound designer

Fuera de alcance: Out of Reach (2022)

Director: Olly Norambuena
Genre: Animated projection/installation
Role: Composer, sound designer

I Am Enough (2022)

Director: Emma McSharry
Role: Sound designer, dialogue artist, dialogue editor

The Alpha Key (2022)

Director: Kimia Mirjahani
Genre: Animation
Role: Sound designer

The Ocean Duck (2021)

Director: Huda Razzak
Genre: Animation
Role: Sound designer, dialogue editor, foley artist, composer’s assistant
Festivals: Austin Film Festival 2021, Chicago International Children’s Film Festival 2021, SCAD Animation Festival 2021, St. Louis International Festival 2021, Light in Motion Awards “Foyle Film Festival” 2021

Anna (2021)

Director: Raey Ang
Genre: Experimental short film
Role: Composer, sound designer
Festival: Berlin Indie Film Festival 2021

The Petrichor (2020)

Director: Junga Song
Genre: Feature film
Role: Sound editor (dialogue, foley, atmosphere), sound designer, audio mix
Award: Best Sound Ontario International Film Festival 2021, Best Feature Film at Canadian Cinematography Awards 2020, Best Feature Narrative Long at American Gold Picture International Film Festival 2020, Best Feature Film at Gold Movie Awards 2020
Best Sound Design in a Canadian Feature 2021 at Hollywood North Film Awards
Screenings: Austria International Film Festival 2020, Moscow International Film Festival 2020

Luben and Elena (2019)

Director: Ellie Yonova
Genre: Feature documentary
Role: Music production assistant
Streaming link:
Screenings: The Rooms (St. John’s, Newfoundland), St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival

Eat Your Veggies (2018)

Director: Lianne Maritzer
Genre: Animation
Role: Composer, sound designer

Meri Nimmo (2018)

Director: Rahul Ganore Shanklya
Genre: Feature drama
Role: Orchestrator in orchestration team for underscore and songs such as BulBula

Letting Go (2017)

Director: Tyler Berkeley
Genre: Short drama
Role: Composer

Inside Job (2016)

Director: Matt Nagin
Genre: Dark comedy
Role: Composer
Screenings: Hoboken International Film Festival 2017, International Film Festival Manhattan, LA Underground Film Forum, Nice International Film Festival 2018
Film award: Best Short Film at 2016 Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes

The Killer Crop (2014)

Director: Marissa Kusnadi
Genre: Documentary
Role: Composer, dialogue re-recording
Screening: Bristol Watershed September 2014

Dogs: Guilty of Jealousy (2014)

Director: Gabriella Russell
Genre: Documentary
Role: Composer
Screening: Bristol Watershed September 2014

A Dirty Trick (2014)

Directors: Gabriella Russell and Lizzie Tilley
Genre: Documentary
Role: Composer

Pug Life (2014)

Director: Rebecca Fielding
Genre: Animation trailer
Role: Composer