Erica Wong Ping Lun is a composer, flutist, and piccolist. Fostering a love of storytelling since a very young age, Erica started translating that passion into music when she became enthralled with how music and psychology work together in films and video games. Since then, her work has been found in various films, animations, promotional videos, and documentaries, and she has eagerly participated in different game jams. Some of her films have made appearances at film festivals nationally and internationally.

When not composing to image, Erica also enjoys composing concert pieces. She has been a part of orchestration teams for projects such as the feature film Meri Nimmo and for a couple international orchestral concerts. Erica was recently nominated for “Best Sound Design in a Canadian Feature 2021” on her work in The Petrichor at the Hollywood North Film Awards.

Erica was selected internationally to participate at the LA Film Conducting Intensive Workshop in 2022 and out of over 200 applicants, was one out of ten selected participants for the SOCAN Screen Music Laboratory for Emerging Composers in October 2021. She has a Master of Arts in Composition of Music for Film and Television from the University of Bristol and a Bachelor of Music from McGill University.