Storytelling through music is one of my greatest passions. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with other creators to best serve their story. Here are some selected films that I have worked on.

Luben and Elena (2019)

Director: Ellie Yonova

I was fortunate to be included in this beautiful NFB project as the music production assistant, where I assisted composer Jeff Johnston with organizing musicians for recording sessions and preparing the musicians’ parts through MIDI transcription.

Eat Your Veggies (2018)

Director: Lianne Maritzer

Eat Your Veggies is a fun animation about a young boy’s quest to eat a cookie instead of a dreaded broccoli. For this project, I also created the sound effects and worked on the dialogue recordings.

Meri Nimmo (2018)

Director: Rahul Ganore Shanklya

I was part of the orchestration team for this feature drama film, working on the underscore and songs such as BulBula.

Letting Go (2017)

Director: Tyler Berkeley

This short film tells the story of a sibling’s tragic loss.

Inside Job (2016)

Director: Matt Nagin

Inside Job is a dark comedy film that tells the tale of an intern’s first day of work under a boss who is not what you would expect. In 2017, it was screened at Hoboken International Film Festival 2017, International Film Festival Manhattan, and LA Underground Film Forum. In 2018, it was screened at the Nice International Film Festival. Inside Job won “Best Short Film” at the 2016 Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes.

The Killer Crop (2014)

Director: Marissa Kusnadi

This documentary explains the situation of the overexploitation, and mainly illegal, palm oil production in Indonesia, and its effect on the human communities around it. The film was screened at the Bristol Watershed in September 2014.

Dogs: Guilty of Jealousy (2014)

Director: Gabriella Russell

This documentary is a light, scientific-based film exploring the jealous and guilty natures of dogs, delving into the social reasons for these behaviours and why these emotions exist as they do. The film was screened at the Bristol Watershed in September 2014.

A Dirty Trick (2014)

Directors: Gabriella Russell and Lizzie Tilley

This short wildlife film tells the story of an earthworm who believes that the vibrations it hears in the ground are caused by raindrops, rather than by the hungry bird ready to eat it as soon as it gets close enough.

Pug Life (2014)

Director: Rebecca Fielding

The trailer introduces a dog that truly considers himself a thug, despite the cute and playful demeanor he initially exhibits to his owner.